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Princess Magic Invades the 10th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Poor Tristan’s completely respectable birthday party is about to be ruined by drunk and wayward magical vagrant ‘Princess Magic’… and this time, she’s brought along some friends.

Princess Magic, played by magician Misty Lee (Penn and Teller’s Fool Us, NBC’s 1st Look, Ovation TV’s ‘The Art of’) has been performing around Los Angeles since 2008, and sadly she’s still lacking taste.

Best described as ‘a variety show that’s really just a parade of a**holes’, the 30-minute Fringe show’s premise revolves around an uptight mother (played by Kija Rae) trying to make do when her son’s birthday party magician no-shows – and Princess Magic and her pals are the only entertainment available.

In addition to Misty Lee and Kija Rae, the show features music, burlesque, and a powerpoint about goats. Bella Luna, Spencer Frankeberger and Paul Dini round out the cast – all of whom will probably embarrass themselves, and likely be kicked out.
Production team includes Bradley Pierce and Jeanne Valleroy.

Preview Performance: June 8th 10:30pm

Show Run: 6/19 10:30pm, 6/20 8:30pm, 6/22 10:30pm, 6/26 8:30pm, 6/28 6:30pm, 6/30 4:00pm

Venue: Ruby Theater in the Complex (6476 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90038)

To witness this dumpster fire from the safety of a theater seat, please visit the show’s Fringe webpage.

Because it is Princess Magic’s first appearance at Fringe, Friends of Fringe get a discount! Please use code AHGEEZ for 20% off.



Strangely Attractive’s Underground Rock & Ro’ Variety Sho’ performs at Mal’s Bar on Third Thursdays!

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